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Graduates of the Branding Technologies in Advertising program possess knowledge and skills in developing and promoting brands. In this program, students acquire extensive knowledge about marketing, advertising, design, consumer psychology, and other related fields.

The demand for the specialty «Branding Technologies in Advertising» is high, since the modern market requires companies not only to provide high-quality products or services, but also a unique brand that will differ from competitors and attract consumers. In addition, with the development of Internet technologies and social networks, advertising and branding have become even more important for businesses, so the demand for specialists in this field is increasing.

Your future profession could be:
  • Brand manager;
  • PR manager;
  • Art Director;
  • Media planner;
  • Video advertising manager;
  • Storyteller;
  • Fashion Marketing Specialist;
  • SMM manager;
  • Brand Marketer;
  • Creative director.

The main objectives of the program «Branding Technologies in Advertising» are:
  • To master the basics of branding: to give students an understanding of key concepts and principles of creating and managing a brand;
  • To develop market analysis skills: to teach methods of market research, defining target audience and analyzing competitors;
  • To introduce brand creation tools: from identity and positioning to developing advertising campaigns;
  • To teach communication strategies: to learn how to use various communication channels for brand promotion;
  • To master digital technologies: to understand the features of using digital tools in branding and advertising.

Courses of disciplines are taught by professors and associate professors of the Russian State University for the Humanities, leading practitioners of research, consulting marketing and advertising agencies, members of the Marketing Guild, the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR).

Bachelor's Program Director — Anna Yevgenyevna Gorokhova, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Branding and Visual Communications.

Basic information about the program
Forms of education:
Full-time education / Part-time education
Required Exams and minimum scores:
For citizens of foreign countries:
Social studies (50)
English language (55)
For citizens of the Russian Federation:
Social studies (50)
Russian language (50)
Foreign language or History or Informatics and Information Computer Technology (55)
Minimum points for admission:
155 points
Cost per year:
Full-time education 332 000 RUB
Part-time education 140 000 RUB

The following disciplines will be studied within the «Branding Technologies in Advertising» program:
  • Ethical foundations of Advertising and Public Relations
  • Legal protection of social and labor rights of workers
  • History of literature
  • Contemporary art
  • Personal growth training
  • Conflict resolution
  • Psychology of Advertising and Public Relations in the commercial sphere
  • Business and interpersonal communication psychology
  • Legal support of Advertising and Public Relations
  • Jurisprudence
  • Information technology in Advertising and Public Relations
  • Internet information resources
  • Sociology of public opinion
  • Theory of information occasion
  • Intercultural communication in Advertising and Public Relations
  • Public relations in non-profit organizations
  • Lobbying and sponsorship
Contact information
Department of Branding and Visual Communications
Tel.: +7 (495) 250-63-90
Address: Moscow, Chayanova str., 15, building 5, room 327
Opening hours: Mon-Thu from 9-00 to 18-00 / Friday from 9-00 to 17-00
  • Anna Yevgenyevna Gorokhova

    Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Branding and Visual Communications

  • Charles Adrian Scott Goddard

    Assistant professor

    More than 8 years of scientific and pedagogical activity

  • Hassan Dewan Mehedi

    Senior Lecturer

    More than 4 years of scientific and pedagogical activity

To introduce applicants and students to the new program, we held a meeting-interview in English with the Senior Lecturer of the new Department, Hassan Devan Mehedi.

The main questions of the meeting were the goals and objectives of the new educational program, its application in modern business, admission conditions, and student activities.