The Department of Branding and Visual Communications was established on October 20, 2022, and is а part of the Faculty of Advertising and Public Relations at the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH).

The mission of the department is to advance new scientific knowledge in the field of brand management, considering the priority directions of development in contemporary visual communications.
The strategic goal of the department is to ensure the effective professional training of competitive specialists in the field of branding and visual communications, considering their growing demand in the job market.

The program prepares the following specialists:
  • Development Director;
  • Marketing Director;
  • Reputation Management Director;
  • Head of PR Department.
We will teach you to:
  • Build brand platforms;
  • Create brand attributes;
  • Plan and implement rebranding;
  • Identify and manage reputational and ethical risks;
  • Evaluate the reputation aspects in constructing the company's GR strategy;
  • Apply new technologies for conducting reputational audits;
  • Assess the business reputation index.
Professionals in branding and business reputation management are currently in demand due to intense competition in the market, consumer demands for transparency and trust, and the increased influence of social media and online presence. Their work involves creating a unique company image, minimizing damage in crisis situations, adapting brand strategies to different cultures and values, and utilizing cutting-edge technologies for effective audience interaction and shaping a positive perception of the company in a dynamic and demanding business environment.

Master's Program Director - Vladimir Dmitrievich Sekerin, PhD in Economics, Professor, Department Head.
Basic information about the program
Full-Time Education:
Number of vacant places: 35
Cost per year: 290 000 RUB
Language of Instruction: English

Full-Time/Part-Time Blended Education:
Number of vacant places: 35
Cost per year:
122 000 RUB (Russian language)
122 000 RUB (English language)

Distance Learning:
Number of vacant places: 35
Cost per year: 97 000 RUB (Russian language)

Interdisciplinary Exam:
Written exam in Branding and Business Reputation
Minimum score: 40 points

On this program, the following disciplines will be studied:
Mandatory part:
  • Fundamentals of Scientific Research in the Professional Field
  • Methodological Problems of Modern Science
  • Research Methodology and Academic Culture
  • Intercultural Interaction
  • Foreign Language in Professional Activity
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Information Technology Innovations in the Communication Industry
  • Applied Telecommunication Technologies
  • Technologies of Advertising and Public Relations in Various Fields of Activity
  • Development and Promotion of Content
  • Development and Implementation of a Communication Strategy
  • Planning and Implementation of Communication Campaigns
  • Communication Project Management
  • Communication Agency Management
Part formed by participants in educational relations:
Compulsory disciplines:
  • Branding Technologies
  • Corporate Culture and Business Reputation
  • Current Trends in the Semiosphere of Advertising
  • Territory Branding
  • Brand Value Assessment
  • Image Technologies in Business Communications
  • Algorithm for Writing a Scientific Paper
  • Effectiveness of Advertising and Public Relations
  • Brand Internet Communications Management
  • Reputation Building Strategies
Elective disciplines:
  • Modern Experimental Art and its Influence on Advertising / Modern Virtualistics
  • Visuality in Modern Mass Culture / Visual Communications in the Digital EnvironmentAnti-crisis Communications / Neuromarketing Technologies
  • Directed Video Advertising in the Context of Cinema and Visual Arts / Film Art as a Communicative System
Electives (optional):
  • Legal Security in the Information Space / Visual Culture of the 20th – 21st Centuries: Approaches and Interpretations
  • Modern Trends in the Economy of Consumption / Commercialization of the Results of Intellectual Activity
Contact Information
Department of Branding and Visual Communications
Tel.: +7 (495) 250-63-90
Address: Moscow, Chayanova Str., 15, building 5, room 327
Opening hours: Mon-Thu from 9-00 to 18-00 / Friday from 9-00 to 17-00
  • Vladimir Dmitrievich Sekerin

    PhD in Economics, Professor

  • Anna Evgenievna Gorokhova

    Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

  • Charles Adrian Scott Goddard

    Associate Professor

  • Hassan Devan Mehedi

    Senior Lecturer

To introduce applicants and students to the new program, we held a meeting-interview in English with the Senior Lecturer of the new Department, Hassan Devan Mehedi.

The main questions of the meeting were the goals and objectives of the new educational program, its application in modern business, admission conditions, and student activities.
Appeal to the applicants from the Director of the program Vladimir Dmitrievich Sekerin